How To Fix A Kindle Fire That Won’t Turn On?

Is your Amazon Kindle Fire not turning on? Don’t just discard or throw it away if your Kindle won’t turn on. You can use some simple ideas & tricks that can make your Kindle Fire easily start working again. If your Amazon Fire tablet is not working properly, this post will guide you through some simple methods to fix this issue.

Amazon Kindle Fire is a great device for all your needs. Kindles are efficient for reading e-books, creating digital illustrations, animations, webtoons, etc. Though Kindle can be used as a regular tablet to install various Android apps, send emails, take pictures, share images, and videos, but a lot of people use Kindle Fire for reading ebooks only.

How to Fix a Kindle Fire That Won't Turn On

Whatever is the reason you are using your Kindle, if it doesn’t work properly, try to fix it before you throw it away. Most of the time, you discard things very easily even though they can give you a longer service. So, if your Kindle Fire tablet stopped working or doesn’t turn on, try the troubleshooting methods and fixes given below and fix the problem.

How To Fix Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On

There are some common reasons found in the Kindle Fires that won’t work properly. An insufficient power input, damaged charger, corrupted device files, or a hardware problem are the causes. These reasons can cause your Kindle Fire won’t charge or turn on. Here are the most effective and working ways to fix the Kindle Fire that won’t turn on.

1. Charge The Kindle Patiently

Maybe your Kindle is not charged properly, and you just assumed that it is not working or turning on. So, keep the Kindle on the charger and forget about it for at least one hour. Now, press and hold onto the power button. If it was a charging problem, then the Kindle will turn on properly. But, if the Kindle Fire won’t turn on even when plugged in, then it can be some other issue. Go to the next method.

kindle fire won't turn on

2. Soft Reset Your Device

You can also fix the Kindle Fire not working on your device by performing a Soft Reset. Doing this will surely help in fixing the problem. A soft reset involves pressing the power button on your device until the device starts itself. Here is how to perform a soft reset on your Amazon Fire Kindle.

kindle fire won't turn on even when plugged in

  • Press the Power button on your Kindle and hold it for at least 40 seconds.
  • Release the button after 40 seconds. The indicator light will show up.
  • The Kindle Fire should turn on normally.

3. Check The Charger

Is the charger working properly? If the Kindle is not turning on even after plugging it into the charger, then make sure whether the charger is ok or not. Turn off the charger and check the USB cable thoroughly. If you have a different cable, then connect it to the adapter to check if the adapter is working properly. You can also diagnose the problem by changing the power source. If your charger has a problem, then replace the adapter or cable based on the requirement.

my kindle fire won't turn on

4. Hold “Volume Down” With Power Button

If you have properly charged the Kindle for a sufficient time, and even the charger is working fine, then it can be the Kindle problem. This is one of the effective fixes for making your Kindle turn on. This has worked for a lot of Kindle users and can also fix Android smartphones not turning as well.

kindle fire won't charge or turn on

  • Press and hold onto the power button on your Kindle.
  • At the same time, press the “Volume down” button.
  • After 6 to 7 seconds, the Kindle should turn on.

5. Restore Latest Software

If your Kindle Fire is at least turning on but later doesn’t work properly, then use this method. Restoring the latest software on your Amazon Fire tablet will fix the problem. Here is how to restore the latest software on Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

  • First, press the “Volume up” button for at least 10 seconds.
  • Now, release the Volume button and press the Power button.
  • Hold onto the power button until the Kindle turns on.
  • Again, press the “Volume up” button until you see “Installing latest software”.
  • Wait till the installation is finished. Kindle will start working properly.

6. Change The Battery

Replacing the battery is one of the best options to fix the Kindle won’t turn on issue. Amazon doesn’t offer replacement batteries for Kindles. However, you can find several compatible batteries that can act as replacements for your Kindle. So, replace the battery on your Kindle and then turn it on. This time your Kindle will not show any problem.

how to fix kindle won't turn on

7. Contact Amazon

If none of the fixes are working to make your Kindle turn on again, contact the customer support page of Amazon. If you have the warranty card details and the warranty period, then you can get your Kindle fixed for free. But, if the warranty is over, then get it repaired by paying some amount.


My Kindle Fire won't turn on, why?
The most common reasons for your Kindle Fire not turning on are:

  • Power issues
  • Damaged charger adapter
  • Bad cables
  • Hardware problems
How to fix Kindle Fire won't charge or turn on?
Kindle Fire not turning on can be fixed by following the methods given below.

  • Charge the Kindle
  • Check the charger
  • Soft reset the Kindle
  • Press power+volume up
  • Restore the latest software
  • Change the battery
How do I force start my Kindle?
Press the Power button on the Kindle and keep pressing it until the Kindle restarts. After pressing the button for 10 seconds, the screen will go blank and then restarts.
Why has my Kindle stopped working?
If your Kindle won’t turn on even after plugging in the charger, try replacing the batteries. An old and damaged battery may cause this problem. 
How do I fix a Kindle Fire that won't turn on?
Press the power button for at least 40 seconds and then release it. Kindle will restart soon.


We hope the solutions provided in this article were helpful for fixing the Amazon Fire Kindle that won’t turn on easily. If your Kindle is creating a lot of trouble to start or turn on, make sure the charger cables are not damaged. If nothing worked, replace the battery. You can easily get a replacement battery for your Kindle by spending some money on it. Keep visiting the Lavrusik website for more useful life hacks and guides.

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