Is Netflix Down or Is It Just Me? Here’s How to Fix It!

Is Netflix down or is it just me? If you are a Netflix user, then you must have thought the same thing at least once till now. Though it is such a large streaming site, it doesn’t always run efficiently. There comes a lot of instances where you can’t be certain whether the site is down or it is your device that is creating trouble on your favorite application. If you are here for the same reason, then this article will help you out. Here, we will show you how you can say that Netflix is down really at the moment or it is your device problem.

Netflix is currently the world’s largest subscription-based OTT video streaming platform. This app is used in a large number of countries across the world with even the choice of language. This video streaming app offers a great variety of entertainment, thousands of films, TV series episodes, reality shows, cooking, and music channels on its platform. There are three types of plans on Netflix: Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies with a monthly or yearly subscription pass to this platform.

Is netflix down or is it just me

People have started loving it to the extent that “Netflix and Chill” have become a youth slogan in many parts of the world. The original content provided on this site, exclusive films, family pack entertainment, etc, makes users love this site. However, when you plan to just chill and watch some movies, if suddenly an error shows up on your screen, it can spoil the mood. A lot of times, you don’t even know what happened and whose fault is it that the app is not working. In this post, we are going to tell you how to know if this website is down or is it your device only.

Is Netflix Down Or Is It Just Me?

Suppose you opened your TV, console screen, PC, or just a smartphone, and launched Netflix. You want to sign in to your account and watch the latest film or web series that was released not long ago. And when you finally open the video to start watching it, it will show you an error code, or BSOD page, or just goes blank. This can happen due to the main server being down or due to your device issues. The most common errors showed on Netflix due to the server issues are:

  • We were unable to process your request
  • Sorry, we are unable to reach the Netflix service
  • Cannot Connect to Netflix
  • Android Error: Connection Failed
  • Netflix is Not Available
  • Unable to Connect to Netflix

Now, you don’t even know whether the site status is down or it is happening to only your device. Then, how to know the source behind the problem. If you have also seen an error like this on your screen, then learn below how to check if Netflix is down or it is just you who is having the problem.

1. Netflix Official Support Page

The best way to know if the site is down or it is only you is by visiting the official support page or help center page. All the current and regular updates are given on this page without any fail. The developers will make sure to update the information about the server being down.

  • Visit the website on your smartphone or PC.
  • Now, type “is Netflix down right now?” and click on search for the results.
  • You can also paste this link directly into the browser:

netflix is down

  • The page will show you a message like this if there is no problem with the server.
  • However, if there is an outage on the website, the page will something like this.

is netflix down for everyone

  • This is the easiest way to know whether the app is down or it is only you.

2. Third-Party Websites

There is also another way to get all the information about the streaming app’s current status. Apart from visiting the official help center of Netflix, you can also check on other third-party websites that show the live status of apps and websites. Just visit any such website and check for the app’s live status. These are some of the useful and trusted sites that you can use to check is Netflix down or is it just me.

is netflix down right now


Netflix Is Not Down – How To Fix The Issue

When you check online for the current down status of any streaming app, if you get to know the server is really down, you can’t do anything other than just waiting. If your app is not having any problem, then in such cases, you have to check on your apps and device. Here are some of the best methods to fix streaming errors.

1. Restart Your Router

Restart the router to refresh the internet connection. Follow the steps given below.

  • Turn off the power button on the router and unplug it from the power source.
  • Now, wait like this for at least 20 seconds on your device.

is netflix down

2. Update Netflix

Keep updating your application every once in a while to avoid such errors or problems on your device. Make sure you update the app every now and then. There are a lot of software bugs that are fixed while using the update option.

is netflix down twitter

  • Update Netflix to the latest version on your device.
  • After updating the app, open the app and check if the error is still there.

3. Update Network Drivers

Similar to the app, you must also update the network drivers on your Windows PC. Follow the steps given below to update the network drivers.

  • Press the Windows+R keys on your desktop or laptop to get the Run dialog box.
  • Now, enter the command “devmgmt.msc” and click on the OK button.
  • Click on the “Network adapters” and expand the options.

is netflix down ph

  • Right-click on your network device and select the “Update driver” option.
  • Select whether you want to update the drivers automatically or manually.
  • When this is finished, open the app and check for errors.


How to fix Netflix not working issue?
Update the network drivers and the Netflix app on your device. Also restart the router to avoid problems.
Is Netflix down or it is just me?
Visit the page and check the live status of Netflix there. You can easily know if Netflix is down or not on this page. 
How to know if Netflix is down or not?
DownDetector is one of the best sites to check the status of online apps and sites. Check if Netflix is down or not on DownDetector. 
Why is Netflix not working?
Restart the router, update the app, and update the network drivers to fix the Netflix app not working issue.
What to do when Netflix is down?
If the current status of the website shows that the website is down, then you can’t do anything. Just wait for the developer team to fix the problem


Netflix is currently the world’s largest subscription-based OTT video streaming platform. If you ever see a blank screen, BSOD error, or any other errors on your device, make sure to check if this site is down or not. Here, we have shared the best methods to know if your streaming site’s status is up or down. Also, try the fixes given in this post when you are unable to access your favorite films and shows. Visit the Lavrusik website for more useful guides.

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