Google Maps Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Google Maps Not Showing My Location! Is Google Maps not working on your smartphone? Don’t worry if Google Maps not working properly. Whether on an Android smartphone or iPhone, we will show you how to fix Maps when it crashes. Google Maps is the best way to find a destination that you are unaware of. This navigation application uses the GPS of your smartphone and shows you the easiest and fastest directions to reach your destination.

Google Maps is one of the most used and trusted navigation apps. Even a person who is new to that particular area or region can easily find the nearest general store, hospital, medical store or pharmacy, ATM, restaurant, and much more. You just have to enter your destination and the type of ride for your journey. Complete navigation with detailed directions along with a voice assistant will be given.

Google Maps Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

However, software bugs and application crashes are common in Google Maps too. If you are worried that your Google Maps application is not working properly, then this guide will help you out. Get the most simple yet effective fixes for your Google Maps crashes and other issues from here and use the Maps without any more issues.

Methods To Fix Google Maps Not Working Correctly

The most trusted Google Maps not working can happen due to several reasons. An outdated software, weak server status, poor wi-fi signal, are some of the most common reasons behind the Google Maps issues. We have shared the best ways below to make your Google Maps application work correctly.

1. Check If Google Maps Is Down

First of all, check if the Google servers are down at the moment. Although it is rare for such a large server like Google to become inoperative, still there is a slight chance for it to happen. You can find a number of websites on the internet that shows the server status of Google Maps. Visit a site like Down Detector or Is it down right now and check the Google server status. If Google Maps is down, then just wait for the developer team to fix it. If the server is fine, then try the solutions given below.

2. Switch Your Network

Start fixing your Google Maps not working issue by checking your internet connection. Google Maps work on your internet and also use the location of your device. Therefore, a fair or good wi-fi signal will be needed to run Google Maps properly on your device. If the network is weak, switch to another network or use a mobile hotspot for some time and open Google Maps. If Google Maps worked this time, then it means your network was causing the trouble.

Google Maps Not Working

3. Restart Your Device To Fix Google Maps Not Working

The Google Maps are not down and the internet connection is also strong, then why is your Google Maps not working? Try this simple solution to fix the issue. Restart the device that you are using for Google Maps. Whichever device you are using, a smartphone, laptop, or PC, restart it immediately.

4. Turn On The Location/GPS

Did you turn on the location on your device? Google Maps do not work properly if you haven’t turned on the location on your smartphone. Whenever you open Google Maps on your device, it will automatically ask you to turn on the location. But, if you have not turned on the location at that time, then go to the quick menu of your smartphone and enable the location services. Then open Google Maps and check if it is working properly.

5. Check Location Settings

If you have turned on the location on your device, but are still having the same problem, then you should check the location settings on your device. You must grant permission for Google Maps to access the device location. To check the location settings, follow the steps given below.

  • Make sure you have enabled the “Location” on your device.
  • Now, open the Settings on your phone and select “Apps”.
  • Tap on the “App Permissions” option and select Google Maps.

Fix Google Maps Not Working Correctly

  • Check if the location is enabled for Google Maps.
  • If it is disabled, toggle the button to grant permission.
  • Now, open Google Maps and search for a destination. Check if is working properly.

6. Calibrate Your Device

Google Maps not working still? If you have checked the internet and location settings, but are still not able to access Google Maps, then you can quickly calibrate your device. If your phone is showing a wrong direction is not taking the correct device location, then recalibrate your device manually and set your location using the compass directions. Then search for the destination again. Google Maps will work properly this time.

Maps not working properly

7. Enable High Accuracy Location Mode

This is another effective method to fix the Google Maps not working issue on your smartphone. Follow the steps given below to fix this.

  • Tap and hold on to the Location icon from the quick menu on your phone.
  • Make sure the “Location access” option is enabled on the screen.

Google Maps not showing My Location

  • Now, under “Location Mode”, select the “High accuracy” option.
  • Exit the settings and check if Google Maps is working correctly.

8. Clear Browser Cache

If you are using Google Maps on a web browser, then clear the cookies and cache on your browser. And if you use the Google Maps app, then clear the app cache. This step can fix the Google Maps not working and Google Maps crash on your device. Follow the steps given below to clear the cache on Chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the top-right corner of the page.
  • Click on the three-dot icon to get the menu on your screen.
  • Now, go to the “More..” option and click on “Clear browsing data..”.
  • In the Time range, select “All time” and check the boxes for cookies and cache.
  • Finally, click on the “Clear data” button to clear the cache on your device.
  • When it is finished, restart your device, and check on Google Maps.

how to clear cache on gmaps

  • If you use the Google Maps app, then go to the Settings and tap on “Apps”.

how to clear data on gmaps

  • Under Apps, open the “Google Maps” and then select “Storage”.
  • Here, tap on the “Clear Cache” option to delete the cache.

9. Update Google Maps

Using an outdated Google Maps app? If you are having pending updates on the Google Maps application, then make sure to update it.

  • Open the Play Store or App Store and go to the “Updates” section.
  • Tap on “Google Maps” and select the “Update” button.

fix Maps when it crashes

  • Once updated, restart your device and see if the issue is fixed.

10. Reinstall Google Maps

If you are still not able to use Google Maps on your device, then just uninstall the application and reinstall it. This will clear out the software bugs on the application and installs a fresh and latest version of Google Maps on your device.

  • Uninstall the Google Maps application from your smartphone.
  • Go to the respective App Store or Google Play Store and install Google Maps.
  • Sign in using your Google account and allow all the permissions.
  • Start using Google Maps. The Google Maps not working issue will be fixed.

Final Words

Did Google Maps start working after performing the methods or solutions given here? Make sure to tell us which method worked for you and if you have any effective ideas, you can share them with us in the comments section. Keep connected with the Lavrusik website for more useful guides that are shared here daily.


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