Top 10 Most Popular .IO Games of 2021

Are you looking for the best .io games? IO Games are becoming popular day by day. Millions of game lovers are showing their interest in playing .io games these days. If you are also to find the top .io games then this post is for you. Know the top 10 most popular .io games here.

Since the release game in April 2015, the popularity of IO games has increased by double. Now, most kids, teens, and adults are into playing IO games. From online single-player to MMORPG(massively-multiplayer online role-playing games), you can find various games on the IO platform.

Top 10 Most Popular .io Games

There are a large number of online io games available for the users. If you were looking for some of the top and popular games available on the IO platform, then read below. We have prepared an IO games list for you here. Pick the one you like and start playing without any fail.

Best IO Games List

The following are the 10 best .io games that you must play. Here we have given the most popular games that most people are loving these days. Pick the one you like and start playing the game.

1. is a 3D first-person shooter video game developed by Yendis Entertainment. Krunker io is the most popular game among the IO games online. This browser FPS game is one of the top games that have craze in millions.

io games list takes some of its elements from popular games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Roblox. You can shoot through 15 rotation maps in this game and earn amazing rewards. There is no restriction of game mode as well. You can always switch the gaming mode in if you want to.

2. is another one of the top .io games online that you must play. Agar was released in 2015 and it became extremely hit within a few days. After the release of, most people started showing their interest in playing .io games.

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For this game, you have to play as a circle(also called a cell). The main objective of your game is to “eat” or absorb other cells or smaller circles. As you go on eating smaller cells, your mass starts increasing. After growing into a large enough cell, you can split into two and then go after the other players.

3. has to be on the list when you are talking about fun IO games. This IO game has gained a great amount of popularity among the players. This game title is also the topmost one in getting the merchandise. Slither toys have a lot of craze among kids and teens.

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The gaming of is similar to the game. In, you will play as a snake(or worm, given your Slither’s segmented body). You have to slither around or crawl eating up the light balls that are glowing in the environment. With each ball you eat, your size will grow.


Remember making different shapes and objects out of paper in your childhood? is absolutely the best game for those who love using paper for crafting things. This is surely one of the most fun io games that you have ever played.

best .io games game is all about creating things out of paper. You have to use normal paper or color paper in this game and create your own paper empire out of it. The players have to create the largest area possible using the papers. This game is really fun.


If you are looking for an interesting game with amazing graphics and gaming, then is fairly considerable. is a top-down twin-stick style shooter game. You have to aim at the target using your mouse cursor and fight on the battlefield.

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This game offers 3D graphics and amazing visuals that make you feel the realisticness of the game. provides the latest upgrades that you can add to your game. You can select the type of bot you want to be and can always switch your bot character.

6. is one of the cutest and fun IO games. If you are looking forward to playing an interesting IO game, then is for you. This game is all about underwater adventures. You can select a fish that you like and start playing under the sea.

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Each fish has its own characteristics and benefits. You will the respective strengths and weaknesses of the selected fish in the game. You have to explore underwater filling your tummy and protecting yourself from the dangers.


Like guessing games? If yes, then is for you. Gartic gives a refreshing feeling when you are already done playing all those FPS, RPG, and battle royale games. The players have to guess the words in the game. 2

There are different languages available in this game. The players can select their language and start playing. One player has to draw a designated word and the other players have to guess the word for the drawing. This game will be fun if you play it with your friends.

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If you have ever played Don’t Starve on Minecraft, then you are surely going to love This game takes place in a world of zombies where you have to protect yourself and your spawns from these zombies. Calling your friends to play this game with you will reveal the enjoyment.

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The players have to establish a hidden base and place the gold hoard in this base. You must protect this gold hoard from the zombies as long as you can. The zombies will try to attack you for the gold hoard. With each wave, the zombies will become larger and stronger.

9. is another popular game that you must play. This game is all about flying in jet planes and fighting your enemies in the sky. If you like flight simulator games, then is the perfect game for you. is a multiplayer 2D shooter game that you can join with your friends.

best io games of 2021

The players have to fly an aircraft and attack the opponents flying in the sky. You will be having a wide range of weapons for attacking your enemy. Different types of shooting weapons will be available for the players. Use the one you like and defeat your sky enemies.

10. is the last one on our list. If you don’t want to play those fighting games or strategy games, then this simple game will surely be of your liking. This game was released in 2014 on mobile devices and became quite popular.

fun io games is all about a yellow bird that travels in the air stumbling in its path due to obstacles. You have to control the bird and compete against 99 flappers in the game. The yellow bird has to navigate past as many green pipes as possible in the game.


What are the most popular IO games?
The top 5 IO games of 2021 that you must play are below.

Which is the best IO game to play online? is the most popular IO game that is played online. This browser 3D FPS game is the most played IO game till now.
Where can I play IO games?
IO games are easily available online to play. You can play your favorite IO game on your choice of the web browser without any issues.
What are the top 10 .io games?
If you want to play an IO game in your free time, then here are the best 10 games.



That was all about the top 10 most popular games of 2021. If you are in search of a .IO game, then play the ones that are shared in this post and enjoy. There are both single-player and multiplayer games available in IO games. You can select the one you like and play either single or with your friends. We hope you liked this article. Keep visiting Lavrusik for more useful guides and updated information. Thank you for reading.

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