How to Use Google Lens On Your iPhone or iPad?

Google Lens is one of the useful features that Google offers for its Android and iOS users. Google Lens for iPhone or iPad lets you browse over the internet using visual analysis. This means Google Lens uses your real-time camera or images that you have captured already and gives results based on that. It can translate the recorded texts into almost all the languages using Google Translate.

Google Lens is an image recognition software which is developed by Google. It can search based on your camera activity. Whether you search with a text, building, monument, book, furniture, clothes, or any other object, it will show you all of its details, history, and other related items. At the time of its release, Google Lens was a standalone app but was later integrated into Android’s standard camera app.

How to use Google Lens on your iPhone or iPad

Now, Google Lens is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is officially available on Google Play Store for Android devices to install. This search engine doesn’t cost a single penny. Every smartphone user should take the advantage of this smart technology application. If you want to know how to use Google Lens for iPhone or iPad, then this detailed guide is for you.

How Google Lens For iPhone or iPad Works

Google Lens is, as we mentioned earlier, an image recognition software or search engine to be precise. This software analyses the given data visually and gives results according to that. For example, if you visit a tourist place, just open Google Lens and start recording. The app will give you its results with its name, location, complete history, nearby tourist areas, etc.

Similarly, if you record a piece of furniture, clothing, jewelry, utensil, electronic appliance, or even a book, the Google Lens will show you their information, prices on shopping sites, etc. If you went to a restaurant, then you can also calculate the tips and split the bills using Google Lens. Not only that, if you input a cooked dish, it will show you the recipe for that, along with its nutrients information, and ingredients.

google lens for iphone

This feature brings out the best searching experience for those who are stuck in a foreign area. For instance, you want to read what is written on a product that is actually in a foreign language. Just take out the Google Lens on iPhone or iPad, and start recording the text in your GLens camera. The search engine will translate the text into a suitable language according to your preference. Google Lens can also give text-to-speech results.

Google Lens is available to install for free on your Android smartphones. Just visit the Google Play Store and install it for free. Google Lens iOS is only available via the Google application. You can’t install Google Lens app on your iPhone. Sign in to the application using your Google account and you are all set to go. Google Lens can search and give you the results using both real-time cameras or images from your gallery.

How To Use Google Lens For iPhone or iPad

Now that you know what is Google Lens and what are its uses, let’s also know how to use Google Lens for iPad or iPhone. There are two ways that you can use Google Lens. Either record the object with a camera or search using a captured image. Here are the simple steps involved in using the Google Lens feature on your iOS devices.

Google Lens With iPhone/iPad Camera

Google Lens gives accurate results even if you use a real-time camera for searching. If you want to search for something on Google Lens using your iPhone or iPad camera, then follow the simple steps given below.

  • Firstly, go to the App Store and install the latest version of the Google app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, open the Google app, and sign in to your account. Tap on the “Google Lens” icon at the top-right of the search bar. You can find this next to the voice search icon.

google lens on iphone

  • The app will ask you for permission to use the iPhone camera. Allow it to use your camera by selecting “Turn on camera to use Lens”.

google lens for ipad

  • Point your camera to the object you want to search for. Stay still and let the lens capture the object clearly. The search results will appear within seconds.

Google Lens For Photos Captured On iPhone

Other than the real-time camera, you can also search on Google Lens using the images that you have already captured or taken earlier. For instance, if you want to know what your K-Pop idol has shared on his account that is written in Korean, you can just screenshot the text, and use it on Google Lens. Follow the steps given below to use Google Lens for iPhone photos.

  • Firstly, go to the App Store and install the latest version of the Google Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, open Google Photos, and sign in to your account. Grant permission to access your library.

how to use google lens on iphone

  • Select whether you want to keep or upload High quality or Original quality images and tap “Confirm”.
  • Go to Google Photos and open the image that you want to search on Google Lens.

how to enable google lens on iphone

  • Tap on the “Google Lens” icon for that particular image and select the part where you want to focus.
  • The results will show up within seconds on your second.

Help Improving Google Lens

Google Lens may sometimes give wrong or unrelated results. It can give wrong results in case if you have recorded more objects at one time in Google Lens. So, if you ever get a wrong search result on Google Lens, you can select the option that says “Do you find these descriptions useful?” on the results page. Saying Yes or No to this question will help Google Lens the next time and it can improve itself according to that.


Google Lens is an advanced search engine that uses visuals and image recognition to give you accurate results. Using the real-time camera gives more accurate answers when compared to using Google Photos. We hope you found the information given here helpful for using Google Lens for iPhone and iPad. For more useful guides, visit the Lavrusik website.

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