How To Pause Facetime In iOS 14? Step by Step Guide

Can’t pause the Facetime with a single press on the Home button? Now, iPhones or iPads can’t pause facetime in iOS 14 devices just by pressing the home gesture. The facetime is not stopping even after you tap on the home gesture. You might think that the video call is turned off, but actually, facetime has not paused on your screen. This can also lead to some awkward situations because you will think that facetime is stopped, but the other person can clearly see you.

iOS 14 devices are clearly one step forward in advancement and features. The latest iOS 14 devices have come with a Picture in Picture functionality. This special feature lets the users facetime with their friends and family without pausing their other tasks. Using the PIP (Picture in Picture) mode, you can facetime and at the same time, also manage other operations. You can talk on a video call and also do other tasks such as sending emails, viewing pictures, checking messages, and much more.

How To Pause Facetime In iOS 14

Picture in Picture is enabled on your iOS 14 devices by default. When you pause the facetime, your facetime app will move to the lower corner of the screen allowing you to view the remaining screen clearly. This same advanced feature is also causing trouble for the users while using facetime. If you want to know how to pause Facetime in iOS 14, then read below.

What Is PiP In iOS 14?

Picture-in-Picture is a smart feature that was introduced in the early years of the last decade. This feature allows the device to display one program or task on the full screen whereas the other programs or tasks running on the device will be present in a minimized window format on the screen. This feature became officially available on iOS 13 for iPad and is now available for iOS 14 for iPhones too.

ios 14 facetime pause

The Picture in Picture feature on iPhones is set by default. All the Apple devices that run on the iOS 14 software can use the Picture in Picture option. So, when you call a person over the voice or video calling, then the device will display the call in the lower-left corner in a small window, whereas the regular phone executions are available on the main screen without any interruption. You can send emails, check messages, use social media chats, and much more.

Why iOS 14 Facetime Pause Doesn’t Work?

Facetime on iOS was simple and easy to use until the devices were running on iOS 13 software. Just facetime any contact on your phone and when you no longer want to share your video but continue the voice call, then a single tap on the home gesture will pause Facetime on iOS 14 continuing the voice call. Such an option was good enough to keep your privacy as well as let you connect to the user without cutting the call.

But, now pausing your Facetime is not that simple anymore. iOS 14 devices are now featuring a Picture in Picture functionality that can continue the video call even if you press the home button or tap the home navigation. This PiP feature in iOS 14 devices makes the call run in a smaller window at a corner of your screen whereas the other programs can be accessed via the regular screen.

PiP is actually a useful feature on iOS 14 iPhones and iPads that lets the users do multiple tasks at a time without any interruption or hindrance on their screens. You can share your screen among your calls and applications. However, a hindrance to privacy is what is lacking in the PiP mode. Users can’t pause facetime whenever they want due to PiP mode. Then, how do you pause Facetime? Read below.

How To Pause Facetime in iOS 14?

There are two simple and easy ways using which you can pause facetime on iOS 14 devices. One is turning off the camera every time you facetime with someone. The other one is disabling the PiP mode to pause facetime. Know the detailed steps for both the methods below.

1. Pause Facetime Using in-built Toggle

Follow the steps given below to pause Facetime on your iPhone or iPad easily.

  • Start Facetiming any contact on your iPhone or iPad and let the call connect.
  • Once the call is connected, swipe up from the bottom and go to Facetime Settings.
  • Now, tap on the “Camera off” option to turn off the Facetime camera.
  • As simple as that.

2. Disable PiP And Use Home Button To Pause Facetime

This is another way you can pause Facetiming on your latest iOS devices.

  • Go to the Settings menu by navigating the apps or by swiping up.
  • Now, in the Settings menu, tap on “General”.

facetime pause

  • Find the “Picture in Picture” option and open it.

how do you pause facetime

  • Toggle the button for Picture in Picture and disable it.

stop facetime pausing ios 14

  • This will stop the Picture in Picture feature on your iPhone.
  • You can enable it back whenever you want.

Can You Still Use Picture-in-Picture?

Yes. If you need the PiP window on your iPhone in the future, you can easily enable it or turn it on for your device. Just follow the same steps as given here for disabling PiP. For this, just go to Settings -> General -> Picture in Picture. Toggle the button for Picture in Picture to enable the feature on your iPhone successfully. That’s it. Facetime will start showing minimal windows with the tap of the home button.


What is PiP on iOS 14?
Picture-in-Picture on iOS 14 is a smart feature that allows the device to show the facetime on a minimized window. Your Facetiming will be shown on a small corner of the iPhone so that you can use the phone for other tasks.
How to pause Facetime on iOS 14 devices?
You can pause Facetiming on iOS 14 devices using two ways.

  • Pause Facetime Using in-built Toggle
  • Disable PiP And Use Home Button To Pause Facetime
Why is Facetime pause not working on iOS 14?
Facetime on iOS 14 devices won’t pause with a single press on the home button. Picture in Picture feature has to be disabled to pause Facetiming.
Picture in Picture on iOS is compatible with which devices?
PiP for iPads is available for iOS 13 and iOS 14, whereas PiP for iPhones is available for iOS 14 only.


That was all about how to pause facetime on iOS 14 devices successfully. If you are a new iOS 14 users, then you might be having a problem pausing the video while Facetiming on your device. We hope this guide showed you the simple methods to pause facetime. Keep visiting the Lavrusik website to get more related articles.

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