How To Fix “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” On Instagram? {Working Methods}

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed? Getting this error once or twice is more than enough already. But, what if you are getting the same message after refreshing the page several times. Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed message can be due to a simple network problem or some server issues. If you are not able to refresh your feed on Instagram, then this post will guide you through some simple and effective solutions. Read the article till the last to fix your Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed error.

Instagram has become a major part of almost everyone’s life. Checking their Insta news feed is the first thing many people do in the morning. Instagram has become a virtual platform where a lot of people socialize with their friends and families. It is also a great platform to know what your favorite celebrities or idols are doing at the moment. But, when you curiously refresh your feed to see the latest posts, if Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed, then it can upset your mood.

How to Fix "Couldn't refresh feed" on Instagram

Don’t get disappointed if your feed is not refreshing. This post will help you to fix this issue easily. The most common reasons for your Instagram not working properly are a weak internet connection, software bugs, corrupted app data and cache, and can also occur if the Instagram is down itself. Therefore, we are going to focus on each issue one by one and will perform a solution for the problem.

Solutions For Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error

The most common cause for the Instagram application to not work properly is a poor connection. Most people face this problem due to slow internet. You should also make sure to check whether Instagram servers are active or not. Follow the solutions given below when Instagram won’t refresh your page.

1. Is Instagram Down

Firstly, make sure to check the Instagram status. If your Instagram is not able to refresh the page, then there can be a slight chance of technical problems. Therefore, check the Instagram status before you perform the solutions.

instagram couldn't refresh feed

  • Visit Instagram’s official account on Twitter and check for updates.
  • Visit the DownDetector site to check the live Instagram status.

2. Restart Your Device

If the Instagram status is not down, then you can start fixing the problem. Restart the device without any second thought. The smartphone, tablet, or the PC that you use for Instagram, restart it immediately. A simple restart can fix a lot more than that you can imagine. After restarting the device, open Instagram and check if your feed is refreshed.

why wont my instagram refresh

  • Restart your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • If the problem still persists, try the next solution.

3. Check The Internet

Instagram requires high-speed data to run without any interruptions. Make sure you are connected to a strong wi-fi or mobile data connection. Otherwise, it is normal to get the Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed error. Hence, you must check your internet connection, and try to connect to a strong internet.

instagram couldn't refresh feed 2021

  • Switch to another wi-fi connection or use a mobile hotspot.
  • If using mobile data, turn on the flight mode and then turn it off.
  • Now, connect to the internet and open Instagram.
  • Try to refresh the feed and check if the error is fixed.

4. Log Out and Log In

This is one of the effective methods for fixing the Instagram couldn’t refresh error. Signing out of the account and then signing in can actually help in getting rid of a stuck page.

  • Open Instagram and tap on your profile icon at the bottom left corner.
  • Now, tap on the three vertical lines at the top-right corner.
  • At the bottom of the screen, open the “Settings” option.

instagram couldn't refresh activity

  • Scroll down and select “Log out”. Confirm by selecting “Log out” again.
  • Exit the Instagram app and wait for a minute or two.
  • Go back to Instagram and log in using your account details.
  • Hopefully, the Instagram refresh feed will load successfully.

5. Update Instagram

Instagram is one of those apps which gets frequent updates. To use a lot of new and updated features, you must keep your Instagram up to date. Make sure your Instagram is updated when your Instagram won’t refresh the feed. Here is how to update Instagram on your device.

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store on your respective devices.
  • Search for “Instagram” and tap on Instagram from the results.

update instagram to refresh feed

  • Tap on “Update” to install the latest updates on your device.
  • If your app is already updated, then you won’t see any update button.
  • Once done, open Instagram and try to refresh your feed.

6. Clear Cache

Deleting your app cache is as important as updating the app on your phone. Clear the app cache for Instagram to make it run faster. Here is how to delete the cache on Instagram.

  • Go the Settings on your smartphone and open “Apps”.
  • Now, find Instagram and open it from the installed apps.
  • Tap on the “Storage” option and select “Clear cache”.

instagram won't refresh

  • Then, launch Instagram and check if Instagram is working.
  • If using iPhone, you should delete the app to clear its cache.

7. Set Date and Time Automatically

If you have set your date and time manually or changed it from the automatic time, then it can also cause app errors. Make sure to keep the date and time set to automatic. For that, follow the simple steps given here.

  • Open the Settings and select “General” or “General management”.
  • Now, select the “Date and time” option.

couldn't refresh feed instagram

  • Enable the “Set Automatically” or “Automatic date and time” option.
  • This will hopefully fix the Instagram issue.

8. Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed? Reinstall

If all the solutions went in vain, then just delete the application and then install the latest version on your device. This will ensure the app is fresh and new and will also be free of any app bugs.

how to fix instagram errors

  • Select Instagram from your apps and uninstall it.
  • Now, restart your smartphone or tablet and wait.
  • Go to the Play Store or App Store.
  • Install the Instagram app from the application store.
  • Sign in to your account and start using it.


Why won't my Instagram refresh the feed?
Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on your device due to network issues, the server being down, or pending updates. Make sure to check Instagram’s live status.
How do I refresh my Instagram feed?
Instagram can be refreshed by restarting the phone, resetting the network, and updating the Instagram app.
How to fix Instagram couldn't refresh feed error?
Follow these simple methods to fix the Instagram feed error.

  • Restart your device
  • Check your internet
  • Log out and log in back
  • Update Instagram
  • Clear app cache
  • Set time and date to automatic
  • Reinstall Instagram
How to clear cache on Instagram?
Instagram cache can be removed by going to Settings -> Apps -> Instagram -> Storage -> Clear cache.
What to do when Instagram couldn't refresh feed?
Check the Instagram status on DownDetector. If the server is perfectly fine, check your internet and make sure Instagram is updated.


Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on your device due to network issues, the server being down, or pending updates. The refresh feed error is not such a big problem, so don’t get worried. Perform the solutions given here and successfully fix your Instagram app. Hopefully, you will fix the refresh feed issue within no time. Keep visiting our Lavrusik website to get more useful posts in the future.

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