How to Fix Action Blocked on Instagram Error? [FIXED]

How to fix “Action Blocked” error on Instagram: Did you get blocked by Instagram? If you also received the Instagram Action Blocked error for your Insta account, then this guide will help you save your account from this ban successfully. Shadowban on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the common topics these days. Similarly, Instagram has also started blocking actions just like shadow banning an account.

If Instagram notices any unusual or violated activity, then it has the complete right to block your account. According to the terms and conditions of Instagram, if your actions are violating the rules then take a break. Instagram has set a good standard of rules for all users. So, to know what made Instagram Blocked Action on your account, read below.

How to Fix Action Blocked on Instagram Error

Some of the common reasons why Instagram can block your actions are seldom using Instagram, overusing the account, exceeding the limit set for posts, comments, hashtags, followers, etc. Also, if your IP address seems suspicious, then it can also lead to the Action Blocked Instagram error on your account. However, don’t worry if you got this error for your account. Know how to fix this Instagram error below.

Why Is My Action Blocked On Instagram

There are different types of Instagram action blocking methods. Some can be temporary bans whereas the other can be permanent bans. Below are the reasons why Instagram blocked your actions or gave you an “Action Blocked” Instagram error.

why is my action blocked on instagram

1. Exceeding Instagram Daily/Hourly Actions Limit

Instagram has a daily and hourly action limit set for the users according to their age, account type, etc. The actions include the number of people you can follow per hour, the number of likes and comments you can make, the number of mentions, tags, or hashtags that you can use, etc. If you have exceeded this limit, then Instagram Action Blocked error will trigger on your account.

2. Misusing Automation

Many Instagram users and influencers use third-party applications for growing their accounts and increasing the IG activity for their accounts. Such a tool is an automation application. If your account is noticed to use such a tool, Instagram can block your actions. So, if you are using an automation tool, make sure to also do some manual tasks so that Instagram doesn’t identify you as a bot.

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3. Account Is Too Young

Make sure your account is at least 1-3 months old before indulging your account in so many actions. The younger your account is, the more action limits are imposed on it. Therefore, make sure your account has at least one post and wait till your account crosses one month at least. Then, you can use your account without any issue.

4. Violating Instagram Rules Previously

If you have violated the rules of Instagram previously, then it can become the reason for a shadowban or action ban on your account. Once an account violates the rules of Instagram, the number of daily or hourly actions limit will be decreased. So, take care of this too. Also, if your account was identified for violating the Instagram policy by hateful, abusive, or offensive speech, then the other accounts used on the same IP will also suffer.

5. Less Active/Too Active

Being too much active on Instagram or not being active at all can also lead to actions getting blocked on Instagram. If you are not so active on Instagram, then the daily action limit will be reduced for such an account. And if you suddenly one day want to post and comment a lot, it will not be allowed. Similarly, if you are using your account a lot, then Instagram will ask you to take a break and will block your actions temporarily.

6. Spamming In DMs Or Comments

If you spam messages in comments on other people’s posts or sends spam using direct messages, then there is a high chance that you get reported for this. Either if Instagram detects you for spamming or because of the reports, you can get action blocked error on Instagram. So, stop doing such things to avoid shadowban or action ban.

How To Fix Instagram Action Blocked Error

Till now you have seen why you will get the Action Blocked Error on Instagram, now know how to fix this issue. Below are the most effective methods to fix Instagram Action Blocked Error.

1. Report The Problem

You didn’t do anything which comes under violating the terms of Instagram or exceeding the daily/hourly limit, but still got the action block error? If you are innocent but by some misunderstanding, Instagram blocked your actions, then report this issue. The error pop-up itself shows two options “Tell us” and “Ignore”. Tap on “Tell Us” and explain your issue there. Your account will get back to its normal state if your request is accepted.

action blocked instagram

2. Use A Different IP Address

Ever got blocked or banned before? If yes, then your IP address is still getting tracked by Instagram. Once the IP address comes under Instagram’s ban or blocking, it keeps track of such a device with its IP. So, make sure you change to a different IP. For this, switch to a different router or use mobile data, or a mobile hotspot.

3. Login On Different Device

Switch your device. On another smartphone, tablet, or computer, open Instagram and sign in to your account. This is also one of the useful ways to remove the action blocked error.

4. Link Your Instagram Account With Facebook

Instagram allows creating business accounts or creator accounts without linking their accounts to Facebook. So, to not come into their list, link your Instagram account with your Facebook account. This will confirm that you are not a bot and help lift up the action ban. For this, go to Instagram -> Settings -> Account -> Linked Accounts. Link your Facebook or Twitter account.

action blocked on instagram

5. Reinstall Instagram App

Uninstall Instagram from your device and then install it again. Log out of your account and uninstall the app from your phone or tablet. Now, connect to a different network and install Instagram. Sign in to your account and start using it.

6. Instagram Action Blocked – Just Wait

If your account is still blocked from taking any actions, then just wait until the temporary ban is lifted from your account. It may take a minimum of 24 to 48 hours for the action blocked error to disappear from your account. Just wait patiently and get rid of the error.


What is Action Blocked on Instagram error?
It is an error on Instagram that shows up when an account is found violating the rules. If you have exceeded the action limit, violated the rules, or spammed comments, then your actions are blocked.   
Why are my actions blocked on Instagram?
Here are the possible reasons why your Instagram account actions are blocked.

  • Misusing Automation
  • Exceeding Instagram Daily/Hourly Actions Limit
  • Account Is Too Young
  • Violating Instagram Rules Previously
  • Less Active/Too Active
  • Spamming In DMs Or Comments
How to remove Actions Blocked error on Instagram?
  1. Report The Problem
  2. Use A Different IP Address
  3. Login On Different Device
  4. Link Your Instagram Account With Facebook
  5. Reinstall Instagram App
  6. Wait for 24 to 48 Hours
How do I get rid of the action block on Instagram?
Change your device or use a different IP address for the Instagram app. Reinstalling the app will also help.
How long will it take to unblock Action Blocked error on Instagram?
A temporarily blocked action on Instagram will be unblocked within 24 to 48 hours. This depends on the type of blocked action. If it’s permanent, then you can’t unblock it ever.


We hope the information provided here regarding the Instagram Action Blocked error was helpful to you. We have given the reasons for your account getting blocked and how you can save yourself in such situations. Take precautions that are given here to avoid getting blocked in the near future. Follow the Lavrusik website for more related guides.

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