What To Do When Your Apps Keep Crashing? {Fixed}

My Apps Keep Crashing: What to do when your mobile phone apps keep crashing on Android devices? If you are having a frequent app crash problem on your Android smartphone, then you must not neglect it, or your device and its applications may get affected due to this issue.

Android is currently the most widely used mobile Operating System in the world. The wide variety of features, a large number of accessible applications, simple and easy interface, are some of the most loved characteristics of Android. You can get a pile of applications on your Android device from the Google Play Store without any hassle.

What to do when your apps keep crashing

Though it offers a lot of features and functionalities, there can also be some minor problems arising in Android OS devices. Most times, the Android apps keep crashing a lot when compared to the iOS devices. You can’t just throw away your phone because its apps are crashing, right?

Why Do My Apps Keep Crashing?

There is no one single reason for your applications to crash or freeze on your device. One simple reason is also a weak internet signal. There can be various explanations for that. For instance, if your smartphone has run out of storage, then it can cause your apps to freeze, crash, or show “App has stopped working properly”. Similarly, if you are using outdated versions of the apps, then it can also be the reason why your apps keep crashing Android smartphones.

If all the other applications on your Android phone are working properly but only one app keeps crashing, then this means the app has a fault in its coding. This is the developer’s fault and not your device’s. So, in that case, you can just uninstall such an app from your Android device. Now that you know the most possible reasons for an app to freeze or crash, let’s move forward to the fixes.

What To Do When Your Apps Keep Crashing

If you notice that your device programs are not working properly or freezing while running the app, then you must provide a solution to this problem. Follow the simple yet effective methods that we have shared below and fix the crashing apps on your phone.

1.  Restart Your Android Device

The first solution that we offer you for fixing the apps that keep crashing will be restarting your device. A simple restart can do much more than you might have thought. Press and hold the power button on your smartphone and tap on “Restart” to reboot your Android smartphone. When the phone restarts, open the sick(crashing) app and check if it is working properly.

apps keep crashing

2. Force Stop The Apps Keep Crashing

Stopping an application forcefully will be helpful in resolving the app crashes on your device. To force stop an application on your Android smartphone, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the “Settings” on your smartphone and open “Apps”.
  • Now, tap on the specific app that is crashing or freezing.

apps keep crashing android

  • On that App page, select the “Force stop” button at the bottom.
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear. Select “OK” to stop the app.
  • After this is finished, restart the smartphone, and launch the app.
  • The crashing issue must be fixed with this method.

3. Update The App

One of the main reasons why your apps keep crashing on your device is due to the pending updates of that app. If you are using an older version of an app, then it can surely make them crash or freeze. Therefore, make sure to update the apps.

  • Open the Google Play Store application on your device.
  • Now, search for the app and select the “Update” button.
  • Wait until the update is completed successfully and open it.
  • The app will not crash again hopefully.

4. Clear App Data

Clearing app data is one of the essential things to run your apps faster and smoother. This step will surely fix the apps that keep crashing on your Android device. Follow the steps given below to clear the app data for any Android app.

android apps keep crashing

  • Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone and go to “Apps”.
  • Now, tap on the specific app that is crashing or freezing.
  • On the app info page, tap on the “Storage ” option to open it.
  • Then, select the “Clear data” or “Clear Storage” button under the app name.
  • Confirm by selecting “OK” to delete the app data.

5. Clear App Cache

Similar to the app data, you must also check on the app cache on your device. Running several applications on your device can build up a lot of cache on your device. Get rid of the cache by following the steps given below.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone and go to “Apps”.
  • Now, tap on the specific app that is crashing or freezing.
  • On the app info page, tap on the “Storage ” option to open it.
  • Then, select the “Clear cache” button.
  • Confirm “OK” when the dialog box appears.

6. Check App Permissions

Did you grant enough permission or access to that app? At the time of installation, the app will ask you to allow permission to access your contacts, location, messages, camera, etc. If you haven’t enabled the permission which is required for that app, then it may crash the app.

  • Go to the “Settings” on your smartphone and open “Apps”.
  • Now, tap on the specific app that is crashing or freezing.

my apps keep crashing

  • On the App info page, tap on “App permissions”.
  • Enable the permission which you haven’t granted earlier.

7. Free Up Your Storage

Having lesser storage space than required is also the reason for apps keep crashing on Android devices. If you have a lot of high-storage games or apps on your device, then try to free up space by deleting or uninstalling some apps. Or, if you have installed a lot of movies on your phone, then it can also eat up the storage, so delete them to fix the crashing apps issue.

8. Apps Keep Crashing Still? Reinstall

If your device programs are still crashing or freezing after trying all the above fixes, then reinstall that particular application. Follow the steps given here.

how to fix the Android apps freezing

  • Long press the application from the menu and select “Uninstall”.
  • Confirm again and delete the app from your device.
  • Now, restart the smartphone and go to Play Store.
  • Search for the app and install it on your device.
  • Sign in or log in with your username or email and start using it.
  • The apps keep crashing issue will be fixed.

Final Words

We hope the methods or solutions given here were able to fix the apps keep crashing issue on your Android devices. It is a common thing on Android smartphones for the apps to crash or freeze. Therefore, you must take care of your apps and clear the cache regularly to avoid such issues. Stay in touch with Lavrusik to get more useful posts every day.

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