Academia could be more social. So recently, I setup a Facebook Group for “Social Journalism Educators” to be able to connect and share resources around how they are teaching social media as part of their journalism curricula. As an adjunct professor teaching social media skills for journalists at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, I wanted to learn from other professors who were teaching similar courses or integrating it into their classes on the best skills to teach students and how best to achieve that in a classroom setting. It’s been a great resource already with close to 200 members, perhaps telling of how many journalism educators are trying to understand how to best teach social as part of the core skills.

I’ve also been working on building resources over the last few months for journalists as part of my job at Facebook as Journalist Program Manager. Much of this has been published and produced on the Facebook + Journalists Page, which I’d encourage you to check out (especially the tabs). As an educator, I’ve been thinking about how some of these resources might fit into a journalism curricula, and how they might be best taught in a classroom setting. So I’ve put together a document titled “Facebook + Journalism 101” that professors can use to integrate into journalism curricula. It’s a starting point, and highlights some of the skills I’ve taught students in how to use Facebook as a reporting tool (even before I worked at Facebook).

I’ve included some key aspects of Facebook that can be used by journalists in their reporting, as well as examples of assignments that can help familiarize students with Facebook as a reporting tool.

Facebook + Journalism 101

9 thoughts on “Facebook + Journalism 101”

  1. Is it possible to download this “Facebook + Journalism 101” document from a different website? Scribd requires complete access to my Facebook account in order to download, but I wouldn’t like to allow it.
    If anyone can share it somewhere else, it would be nice. Thank you!

  2. I really am glad that I literally stumbled across this page! Kudos to you Sir, for all of the awesome and very helpful work that you have done in this industry and the Socail Media era as a whole. I myself have 19 years experience as a Journalist & Consultant. When I began, we used floppy disk and a word processor! My oh my, how far we’ve come since then. Oh, did I mention that there was no internet for me back then?  I am looking forward to jumping in and keeping up with the Social Media trends of the 21st Century and ahead. -Deborah A. Culp * Journalist & Consultant-

  3. When sharing something on Scribd as a PDF is there a way to include authorship information? Bylines, footnotes and creditlines. Stumbling on this via Google and linkages, the source is not obvious (unless someone hasn’t been following your work through other links). “Properties” of downloaded PDF just say “Microsoft Office User.” I’m trying to convince students to find and acknowledge the sources of information, etc.

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