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My next chapter: Joining Mashable

Posted on : 05-13-2010 | By : Vadim Lavrusik | In : Social Media

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Today was my last day working at The New York Times, and in a little over a week I will start a new job as the Community Manager at Mashable.com. I am going to miss the brilliant folks I have gotten to work with at the Times, but am quite excited and honored to be joining the Mashable team.

At Mashable, I’ll be working directly with the CEO Pete Cashmore, Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow, and Managing Editor Sharon Feder, and will be responsible for engaging readers on-site and off, creating programs and strategies for making outreach more effective, cultivating an environment for a strong community, identifying emerging social platforms to build a presence on, and of course, writing.

I am excited about what’s taking place at Mashable, which recently celebrated its new headquarters in NYC (come visit me in Union Square) and is also partnering with my soon-to-be alma mater Columbia University Journalism School on a paid online video fellowship for j-school students that will begin this summer.

I’ll still continue to write on this blog every so often, but I hope you will continue to follow along as I produce content for Mashable.

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Wow, this is really exciting! Congrats Vadim. What a sweet gig. All the responsibilities you mentioned are so important on the Web these days and really cool you'll have your hand in all of this at Mashable. Look forward to seeing more great content from you too!

Congrats! Look forward to seeing what you come up with there.

mazel buddy! i have a project that I want to discuss with you. I've already briefed Lauren Rubin. Let's chat once you get settled

Thanks, Craig. I think the first post, which I co-authored with Shane will go up tomorrow.

Thank you, Alexis.

Would love to hear it. Let's talk in a few weeks.


Did you already reserve your desk? Cause I'm putting in a request to sit next to you! … Ok, fine. I heard you scream from all the way out here in Queens. I'll leave this one to the gods! May destiny be filled!

So excited for you!

Congratulations, Vadim! Huge. Hope to see you and celebrate in NYC soon. Can't think of a better fit for the role. They're very lucky to have you.

Welcome Vadim!! Super excited to welcome you aboard!


I'd love to celebrate soon! Let me know when you are up here and we will definitely have to meet up.

Thank you, Suzanne!

Thank you, Pete! Humbled to join 🙂

Will do. Most likely will be PDF in early June.

Vadim Lavrusik, former Daily Editor, joins Mashable as Social Media Manager – Congrats! http://bit.ly/ahgj1f #UMN #Minnesota

Vadim, really looking forward to having you on the team!

Thanks, Sharon!

Congrats, Vadim!! So excited to see all the wonderful things you'll be doing at Mashable. – Vanessa

SO psyched.

How the heck did I miss this yesterday? Congratulations, Mashable!

Thanks, Kevin! Might be pinging you for resources much more now 🙂

Congrats Vadim!

congrats Vadim! This is a huge opportunity for you and one that is most deserved. I look forward to seeing where you run with it!

I am very happy to read your articles, more useful for me especially
I have the same thing with you. I am so very petrified of this in my lectures.

Hi Vadim
Taking seriously your offer “(come visit me in Union Square)”,
can I visit your HQ?
I'm staying in Washington DC & NY by #ONA10 conference.
Travelling far from Buenos Aires, Argentina!
I work at http://www.lanacion.com as New Media Research & Trainer for the newsroom
If its possible, you can DM me at @fcoel

Congrats Vadim! I will see where you will run with it, Actually you deserve it, as a community manager, I see 9000 followers in your community, i think it is no more difficulty for you,.You can easily reach the heights.

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