The Twitter Media blog announced Monday that it would release a tool that would enable users embed tweets more easily. Today it released a script that isn’t perfect called Blackbird Pie that allows you to get a code and embed a dynamic tweet without the post of a blog or article. It’s an alternative to taking a screenshot.

Despite buzz about the new feature (I think a lot of people expected it to be more widely implemented on the site), other sites have allowed you to easily get an embed code for individual tweets for some time, especially if you’re using a WordPress-powered site.

Below are five options (including Black Bird) for embedding your tweets.

1. QuoteURL

QuoteURL lets you add multiple tweets and get a URL for those multiple tweets or embed them. You can also embed individual one, but if you want to get a stream of tweets to embed, this is the tool to use. Thanks to Craig Kanalley for pointing me to this one. Below is an example of two of my latest tweets:

  1. Vadim Lavrusik
    lavrusik Why does the BBC want to “send” its readers away? The value of linking to, curating and aggregating the best:
  2. Vadim Lavrusik
    lavrusik Twitter introduces its script Balckbird Pie for embedding tweets: Overwhelmed/not working right now.

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

2. TweetPaste

All you have to do is go to the site and input the url of the individual tweet that you want to get an embed code for and voila!

It’s not the most beautiful implementation, but the site also includes a WordPress plugin that allows you to more easily embed a tweets within each post.

3. EmbedTweet

Well, the name says it all. This site is build around a WordPress plugin. With one easily install, you can embed tweets into any of your blog posts. There are several other similar WordPress plugins.

4. Blackbird Pie

This is Twitter’s new script that allows you to paste the URL of the status and get an embed code. The hope is that eventually Twitter will have an embed button with each tweet that users can easily grab, similar to multimedia players on news sites. It has some styling issues, but it gets the job done. Below is an example of what the embedded tweet looks like. (There is a bug that breaks the script each time you switch out of HTML view in WordPress).

5 ways to embed your tweets: @twittermedia released their script, I include other tools.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

5. Apture Plugin

Apture is a WordPress plugin/tool that enables to make your links more dynamic. Basically, anything with an Apture link opens up a hoverbox that has embedded media within it. For example, if you link to a video using Apture, when a user hovers over the link it opens up a box that allows you to view that video without having to leave the site. It has a similar integration with tweets.

What is missing from this list? Are there other tools you have come across? Please Share.

11 thoughts on “5 ways to embed your tweet”

  1. QuoteURL has long been my favorite. The ability to curate & group tweets together into a conversation is appealing. You can also use a tweet as a standalone, or create a lengthy stream of tweets with a little HTML tweaking.

    But Twitter's new embed is kind of cool and I plan to use for various things. Would be nice if they added “embed tweet” on every tweet to make it even simpler, ala YouTube.

  2. Two Thoughts:
    1.) QuoteURL gets my vote. It just looks better.
    2.) Love the idea to put “embed tweet” on every tweet to simplify the process. Then you won't need any of these sites! 😛

  3. Thanks for reminding of QuoteURL :). Also worth to notice that the code for the website is open (BSD Licensed, written in Python to run on Appengine, code hosted on github) so anyone can help improving it or even host your own quoteurl (and get rid of the quote size limitation).

  4. Well, i just found this post (from april wow!) and it has something to do with the email i just sent you. 🙂

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