Most media, marketing and web professionals have multiple social media connections. In fact, you don’t even have to be in the above industries to be connected through various streams on the web. Organizing your Facebook profile, Twitter feed, LinkedIn, etc., can be quite challenging at times, especially when trying to share all of them simultaneously via your e-mail signature.

Do you include all of the links? Usernames? What is the best practice? Some marketing and PR folks include only their Twitter profile name because that is what they use most often. Not a bad idea. But what about providing a way to connect with people that use other social media more regularly or don’t use Twitter at all. Well, you get the point.

GizaPage provides social media junkies with a personalized link (i.e. to share all of your social media networks. When you visit a link, you can view the multiple profiles of one person through a tabbing design. And of course, the site includes it’s own version of a user profile section that is the default when someone first enters the page. The basic profile includes work and education information — the basics. The great thing is that when you are logged in, you can edit your various social pages. Convenient, huh?
Also, the idea is that instead of including every link to every single social media profile and account that you have in your e-mail signature or wherever you may want to share your connections, you can include a simple GizaPage link:

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